Designing with love for our planet
Creating visual designs for different target markets and industries, with creativity, sustainability and innovation in mind.
Enerfy is a current project where I'm creating the visual identity of a brand that will revolutionize the car insurance industry, reward smart drivers and decrease CO2 emissions.


Enerfy is here to disrupt the auto insurance world, because people shouldn´t pay for anything they don´t use.
It is with pleasure I help Enerfy to create their visual identity. Soon to be launched.

Tech design

OBD-reader, measuring car data

App Design

Designing a smooth insurance

Digital art

Portraying Enerfy's inner spirit

Brochures, reports and documents

Branding / Print / Graphic

Business Cards

Branding / Print / Graphic


Branding / Webdesign / Graphic

Tranquility and sustainability
Creating a fixture concept design for one of USA:s leading boating companies, with reclaimed and natural materials.


Retail design concept inspired by tranquility, the ocean and industrialism. It was exhibited at GlobalShop 2015 in Las Vegas. A rotating fixture for line-spools and mini counter with display possibilities for merchandise and Ipad holder. The floor is reclaimed wood from Santa Monica Pier.
In collaboration with PAVE, FIDM, West Marine and Reeve Store Equipment.Products: West Marine. Manufacturer: Reeve Store Equipment


Inspiration: Tranquility

Fixture Design

From sketch to render

Finished Fixture

Manifactured by Reeve

Merchandise fixture

For displaying pretty products


For a hands-on feeling

Rope art

Hand made with love


Pave Gala, Ad in Design:retail Mag.

The Designers

Amanda Widegren & Vanessa Ghaffari